Saturday, June 18, 2011

What would you like to hear from a?

What would you like to hear from a Rolling Stones fan about the
Beatles. I thought I would list some of his songs that he did with
John as part of the Beatles.

As many here know I am not a Beatles fan. But that does not make me
disrespect their music. I thought I'd ask this question because today
is Paul's Birthday.

So please tell me some of the songs by the Beatle or Paul by himself
that you like.

The Lennon/McCartney songbookk is the greatest achievement in pop
history. But not every song for which Paul and John share the credits
was a genuine collaboration. Here are ten that were.

I Saw Her Standing There: Composed in 1963 in the front room of the
McCartney family home in Forthlin Road Liverpool, and with a bassline
nabbed from Chuck Berry's "Talkin' Bout You", this was The Beatles at
their Cavern-rocking best.

2.I Want To Hold Your Hand: Like "From Me To You" and "She Loves You"
before it, this was The Beatles first US#1 and the very essence of
their apparently innocent charm - was written by John and Paul
together in a hotel room on tour.

3.I'll Get You: Slight but winning B-side of "She Loves You" knocked
out to a formula McCartney was paarticularly pleased with the "faggy"
way the boys sing "oh yeah, oh yeah".

4.This Boy: Delicious three-part harmony feature on the B-side of "I
Want To Hold Your Hand".

5.Eight Days A Week:: On the way to a 1964 writing session with John,
Paul heard his driver use this phrase about his own work schedule,
whereupon the Lennon/McCatney song factory turned it into one more
love ditty.

6.Drive My Car: After a slow writing session in 1965, Paul and John
eventually got onto such a roll with this tongue-in-cheek faux soul
song, they even thought "beep- beep, beep-beep,yeah" a good idea..It

7.With A Little Help From My Friends: a little something for Ringo to
sing - one of the lesser tracks on their 1967 magnum opus album, but
with ground-breaking Greek chorus questions in the backing vocals and
notably resourceful basswork.

8: A Day In The Life: After hitting on the idea of inserting a song of
Paul's into the middle of one of John's, they finished their
magnificently stoned masterwork together.

9.You Know My Name Look Up The Number: The B-side of "Let It Be", this
Goons - esque collage of daft voice and jazzy pastiche was hardly The
Beatles' finest hour, but in a period when John and Paul were barely
talking, at least they could still have a little fun.

10.I've Got A Feeling: In which a Lennon half-song "Everybody Had A
Good Year" is bolted onto a McCarntey half-song "I've Got A Feeling",
making little sense but a good vehicle for a fabulous Apple rooftop
performance in January 1969.

Now that I got that out of my system. Lets hear some of your fav's
from the Beatles or the Birthday Boy Paul.

I hope you all enjoy

take care

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