Sunday, June 19, 2011

fancy by reba, change lyrics?

So next year in school I am going to do the talent show, and im going
to sing, and im choosing songs now so if I want to switch I have time
bc it is in dec (ik alot of time) And I finally got up the nerve to
sing infront of people!!!

so I want to sing fancy by reba bc i know it so well and i love it,
and im really comfortable with it...
but there is one line I was wondering if i should change...

she says "might have been born just *plain white trash* but Fancy is
my name!"

I was wondering if I should change that and what I should change it
to, if I do....
mostly bc it is a middle school talent show, and i don't think it
would be appreciated if I said that, and our school isn't that big,
meaning you know all your teachers, they know you, and I don't want
them thinking im bad or something, so should I change it, and what to?

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