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Shot within the U.K. by Red-colored Push. Co. for Sky Living HD. Executive producer, Nicola Shindler producer, Matthew Bird director, John Strickland authors, David Allison, Neil Johnson, Chris ParkerJed Harper - Theo JamesRyan McAllister - Will YoungKate Bettany - Charlotte now SaltMolly Lucas - Ashley MadekweWarren Bettany - Hugo SpeerA former mental asylum is changed into luxury flats for pretty youthful Britons stupid enough to disregard the apparent symptoms of haunting in U.K. import "Bedlam." A kind of "Melrose Place" meets "Ghost Whisperer" by means of "Being Human," this derivative drama is just mildly spooky and never nearly soapy enough to lure any however the most devoted genre fans and Anglophiles to some six-week operate on BBC America. The greatest title within the cast, a minimum of across water-feature, is inaugural "Pop Idol"-switched-so-so actor Will Youthful, playing 1 of 3 roommates completely not aware they are discussing their appropriately named abode, Bedlam Levels, with spirits. However the true star and standout artist is Theo James like a youthful drifter using the looks of the male model and also the "Sixth Sense"-ant capability to see dead people. He's attracted to Bedlam Levels with a rash of mysterious texts warning that his cousin (Charlotte now Salt because the bitchy building manager) is within danger. A bunch of ghostly shenanigans follow, mostly cribbed from Japanese horror as well as their Hollywood remakes ("The Ring," "The Grudge," "Dark Water"). Phantoms appear in mirrors, walls drip with eco-friendly water, ominous music surges the soundtrack and also the editors get into overdrive. Bad we have seen everything before, with increased inspired execution and interesting figures. Designers David Allison, Neil Johnson and Chris Parker range from realm of British night time soaps, all working at some point on youthful sudser "Hollyoaks," along with a superficial focus on pretty faces and banal personal dramas carries right here. However with its small core cast and ghost-of-the-week structure, "Bedlam" shows little possibility of the juicer twists and turns that provide the very best soaps their addictive appeal. A minimum of the frequently shirtless James -- who were built with a brief but memorable turn like a Turkish diplomat in season among "Downton Abbey" -- will do the job like a pretty-boy lead, and advantages of representing the only real character having a compelling hook. His supernatural gift enables him to assist ghosts solve their troubles and move onto the following realm. Within the opening hour, James' peers, including Ashley Madekwe, now a set regular on ABC's "Revenge," are simply card board cutouts with periodic sexual urges. The only real person in the cast over 40, Hugo Speer ("The Entire Monty"), stays his time hiding within the shadows because the building owner who most likely knows much more about the eerie occasions than he allows on. The six-episode first season of "Bedlam" came marginal rankings in the operate on U.K.'s Sky Living captured. There is no word yet on when or maybe another season is going to be created.Camera, Jono Cruz production designer, Martyn John editor, Crispin Eco-friendly music, Vince Pope casting, Beverley Keogh. 60 MIN. Contact the range newsroom at

Sunday, September 25, 2011

JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke Thriller Revolution Gets Production Commitment At NBC

EXCLUSIVE: With 2 new series, Person of Interest and Alcatraz, one returning, Fringe, and a Star Trek movie sequel on his plate, it wasn’t clear whether J.J. Abrams would be developing this year. He did and the result, a drama written by Supernatural creator/executive producer Eric Kripke, has gotten a pilot production commitment from NBC. Like most things JJ, details about the project titled Revolution are being kept under wraps but it’s being described as an epic adventure thriller. It hails from Abrams’ Bad Robot production company and Warner Bros. TV where the company is based. Abrams, Kripke and Bryan Burk are executive producing. This is the second high-profile project for WME/Principato-Young-repped Kripke this season. He also is writing/executive producing an adaptation of the DC Comic Deadman for the CW and WBTV.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Variance nabs 'Elevate' rights

Variance Films has acquired U.S. theatrical rights for the basketball documentary "Elevate" and contains set a dent or dimple for March. 21 in NY.Directed by Anne Buford, the film follows four teens from Senegal striving to locate yourself with careers inside the Basketball.Difference introduced the sale Friday. It'll open "Elevate" in La, Dallas and San Antonio on November. 4 too as with Chicago, Houston, Washington Electricity and Oklahoma City on November. 11."Elveate," shot over four years, documents the down sides some Senegalese selected from by Seed items (Sports for Education and Economic Increase in Senegal) when controling American culture, learning British and modifying to aggressive American-style basketball. Pic was produced by Buford, Chiemi Karasawa, Mark Becker, and Victoria Yoffie. Contact Dork McNary at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scopas, Gebeka boards 'Genie'

SAN SEBASTIAN -- Germany's Scopas Medien and France's Gebeka Films have boarded "Genie in the home -- The Film,Inch one of many photos around the slate of Antonio Perez's Maestranza Films. Benito Zambrano's "The Sleeping Voice," also is created by Maestranza, world preems to high anticipation competing at San Sebastian Wednesday. Scopas, which made toon feature "The Sandman and also the Lost Sand of Dreams," will co-produce "Genie" with Paris-based Moi, J'aime La Television (MJTV), U.K.'s I Really Like Television and Maestranza. The Frankfurt-based company has additionally taken German-speaking territory privileges. Gebeka, Gaul's prominent theatrical distributor of children's photos, will release "Genie" in French movie theaters. A three dimensional movie allocated around Pounds 7 million ($9.six million), "Genie" is really a large-screen spin-removed from the initial TV sitcom series, created by I Really Like Television in British for Nickelodeon. The series' key cast will topline the film, Perez told Variety. A director continues to be to become attached. Genie" is skedded to roll early summer time 2012, shooting in Andalusia. Another pic setup at Maestranza is "The Monkey's Paw," an British-language remake from the 1933 classic. F. Javier Gutierrez, whose debut, "Prior to the Fall," grew to become a cult film within the U.S., is mounted on direct. Allocated at $7.5 million, shoot will largely occur in The country, stated Perez. "Paw," that is much more of a chiller than shock horror, is starting casting. Also, Xabi Puerta, whose debut "Thanks for visiting Farewell-Gutmann" won best script at Montreal in 2008, has become in publish on "A puerta fria," one hundredPercent Maestranza production. A "Glengarry Glen Ross"-ant movie, Perez stated, "Puerta" stars Maria Valverde and Jose Luis Garca Perez. Nick Nolte is really a guest star. Meanwhile, "Voice," a melodrama concerning the fate of lady who supported the losing Republican side within the The spanish language Civil War, world preems Wednesday at San Sebastian. Buzz is positive off previews in Madrid. The Match Factory handles world sales. "Voice" was confirmed last Wednesday as you the The spanish language Academy's three-pic short-listing of candidates to represent The country within the foreign-language Oscar category. Zambrano directs films which go right to one's heart, Perez stated. Maestranza created Zambrano's first couple of films and "Fall." Although it is complicated, I usually attempt to uncover and convey new company directors, and I'll continue doing that," Perez told Variety. Contact the range newsroom at

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Netflix Shares Take Another Beating Friday

After the closing bell Friday, stock indexes had scored one of their biggest weekly gains in the past couple of years, but Netflix had one of its worst weeks in its history, plunging 26 percent, with most of the drop occurring Thursday and Friday.our editor recommendsNetflix Shares Tumble on Revised Subscriber GrowthNetflix Stock Drops 8% After Starz Renewal Talks EndNetflix Price Increases Take Effect Thursday The catalyst was the company saying that it should end the quarter with 24 million subscribers, about a million shy of what the company had previously predicted. Customers, it seems, aren't as accepting of a recent price hike as Netflix had expected them to be. STORY: Netflix Shares Tumble on Revised Subscriber Growth Netflix also has fairly new competition in the subscription-streaming business from and soon from Blockbuster and perhaps Redbox. Plus, the price of acquiring TV shows and movies to stream has increased dramatically, and Netflix hasn't been able to renew a deal with Starz, a primary supplier of Netflix content. That kind of uncertainty has knocked the stuffing out of Netflix stock, which is now trading down on the year despite posting hefty gains for the first eight months of 2011. Netflix shares sunk 8 percent Thursday to $155.19 after sinking 19 percent the day prior. The shares have been nearly cut in half since touching $300 a few months ago. Related Topics Netflix

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Friday, September 16, 2011

George Lucas's Stupid 'Star Wars' Changes Will Never Affect the Meaning of 'Star Wars'

The first movie I ever saw at a theater was 'The Empire Strikes Back.' After months of pleading in the lead-up to the release of 'Empire', my parents -- together -- took my five-year-old self to what would now be considered a very small theater in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo. That was my first 'Star Wars' movie; a little over 31 years later, this is still one of my favorite memories, and 'The Empire Strikes Back' is still my favorite movie of all time. With that in mind, I haven't known quite how to react to the outrage over the changes in the 'Star Wars' Blu-ray release. I do get it: the changes are fairly ridiculous. I've been hesitant to weigh in, however, because -- frankly -- I wasn't sure how I felt about it. When I think back to seeing 'Empire' in 1980, it's still just me, happy, with my mom and my dad, long before they would eventually divorce. No matter what changes Lucas makes to the films in 2011, he can't digitally insert my future stepmother into those memories. So, at least for some of us, 'Star Wars' transcends film: It's more about the memories those three original films created. Even though Lucas may try, he can't change those memories. In the end, that's really all that matters. (Yes, I know that sounds sappy.) Over the last few weeks since the discovery of Darth Vader screaming "No!" at the end of 'Return of the Jedi,' the two major arguments have been (A) that George Lucas is destroying his movies and, at least, the original films should be preserved as they were originally seen, and (B) that these movies belong to Lucas and he can do whatever he wants with them. Both of these arguments are valid but -- in reality -- neither matter. I'm an only child. Strike that: I'm an only grandchild, actually, which made it difficult to make new friends when my parents would move. (Which they did quite a bit: I went to four different school systems during grade school.) Now, you might not think that something as nerdy as 'Star Wars' could help a socially awkward child (who would grow into a socially awkward adult when not aided by booze), but it did. A lot. I remember my first day of second grade as the new kid in a small town called Eldon, Mo. I remember being in the lunch room (yes, with my 'Empire' lunch box) sitting close enough to another group of students to not make it look like I was alone -- but I was definitely sitting alone -- just waiting, hoping to hear any subject that I could latch on to. Eventually, a kid named Bryan said the words "E Chuta," to which I quickly responded, "How rude!" We were immediately friends. I was invited to "play Star Wars" at recess with them -- which pretty much consisted of two people running around the playground together in unison, pretending to be the pilot and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon (which, come to think of it, looked very similar to when we played 'Dukes of Hazzard'). No matter how many times Darth Vader screams "No!" during the Original Trilogy, these memories don't change Let's talk about all of the changes that have been made since the Special Editions premiered in 1997. Changes that -- for how annoying they are (and, yes, they are) -- have kept 'Star Wars' in the conversation. Most 'Star Wars' fans don't remember this, but, in 1986, Star Wars was dead. I can remember scouring the toy aisle at Kay-Bee looking for a new G.I. Joes or Transformers and seeing stacks and stacks of discounted Power of the Force Star Wars action figures. (Without a new movie to tie to the new line of toys, Kenner rebranded their Star Wars line "Power of the Force" -- nobody purchased these and they are very valuable today.) I would never have guessed that eleven years later I would be in college, at a bar, having an all-night debate about the merits of Greedo shooting at Han Solo first after a group outing to watch the Special Editions. Yes, that change is awful, but, again, that's not the point. I remember every single person I was with that night as we drank pint after pint long into the night. Every single person, which includes my former college roommate who would die in 2001. Lucas can change the order in which people fire blasters at each other, but he can't take away that conversation I had with my late friend Jorge about why that change is stupid. (And even though he's no longer here to say this -- yes, he thought the change was extremely stupid.) 'Star Wars' is very personal to me, but I don't take it personally -- and there's a big difference. Since 1980, it has probably been a larger point of my life than it should have been. From my first action figure, Han Solo in Hoth Outfit; to my first movie, 'The Empire Strikes Back'; to my favorite moment as a professional writer: interviewing 'Empire' director Irvin Kershner last year for Vanity Fair -- which, sadly, would turn out to be his last. Every 'Star Wars' fan has memories like mine: all unique and all important. Yes, the changes made in the Special Editions and now the Blu-rays are ridiculous, but it doesn't change what 'Star Wars' means to me. Or probably to you. The changes may make you angry, but that's kind of the point. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter. Follow Moviefone on Twitter.

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A Klikk Film presentation. (International sales: Cinema Purgatorio, NY.) Produced by John Best, Dean O'Connor. Directed by Vincent Morisset.With: Jon Thor Birgisson, Orri Pall Dyrason, Georg Holm, Kjartan Sveinsson. (Icelandic dialogue)The soul-stirring fusion of joy and heartache that burns like a current through the music of Sigur Ros comes through loud and clear in "Inni," the second concert film built around the massively popular Icelandic combo. Whereas 2007's well-traveled "Heima" reveled in scenic color imagery of the artists' homeland, this minimalist item strips the band down to its output, fashioning black-and-white performance footage into a uniquely spellbinding experience. Though likely to appeal to a smaller segment of Sigur Ros' worldwide following, "Inni" has already been booked for offshore playdates interspersed with festival showings. French-Canadian helmer Vincent Morisset and d.p. Rob Hardy lensed during Sigur Ros' November 2008 performances at London's Alexandra Palace, captured on rough, high-contrast monochrome HD that almost encourages one to take the film in through closed eyes. Abstraction is the right approach for a group whose work is by turns soaring, bombastic, magisterial and unfathomable (the lyrics blur Icelandic with made-up tongue Hopelandic), ushering the listener into a state of near-celestial rapture. The spell is intermittently broken by low-grade color clips of the musicians hanging out, providing necessary if not particularly informative breathers in between performances.Camera (B&W/color, HD, 16mm), Rob Hardy; editors, Nick Fenton, Stephane Lafleur; music, Sigur Ros; art director, Sarah Hopper. Reviewed at Venice Film Festival (Venice Days), Sept. 3, 2011. (Also in Reykjavik, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii film festivals.) Running time: 75 MIN. Contact Justin Chang at

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Virgin scripts TV cope with eOne

BerfieldVirgin Created, the development arm from the Richard Branson's Virgin Group, has inked an initial-look cope with "Haven" and "Hung" shingle eOne to which eOne may have exclusive privileges to any or all Virgin Created scripted TV content.Virgin Created, created this year, is totally new towards the television world -- with Relativity, the organization co-created Rogue's Bradley Cooper-Robert P Niro starrer "Unlimited," launched in March, however it has not yet seen a smallscreen venture arrived at fruition.The shingle has another extant first-look deal for those unscripted quite happy with NBCUniversal's E! and it is headed by Boss Jason Felts and chief creative officer Justin Berfield."Virgin Produced's exciting new relationship with eOne marks the ambitious beginning in to the scripted television business, much like what's been accomplished in film," Branson stated. "Jason and Justin are wise to carry on to forge studio alignments with like-minded partners who comprehend the brand also to continue fostering an atmosphere that holds terrific talent." Contact Mike Thielman at

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Discovery Ventures Into Live Audience Interaction With 'Penn & Teller Tell a Lie' (Exclusive)

Discovery Channel's new series, Penn & Teller Tell a Lie, not only premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 10 p.m., but also marks the network's first venture into real-time audience interaction. VIDEO: Discovery Channel Orders Used Car Salesmen Series 'Carfellas' "If there are two things Penn & Teller stand for, it's the truth and lying, although not necessarily in that order," jokes Penn Jillette. "This show has both." In each episode, the comedic duo will present a set of statements such as "a butter knife can stop a speeding bullet" or "you can lift a car with a head of human hair." Using science, they will prove that their statements are valid. But in every batch, there will be a lie. And Discovery Channel is giving the viewers the chance to decide as the show is progressing what they believe is the false claim. During the show, viewers will be prompted to launch the Guess The Lie experience on the iPhone, iPad, or online at Then, fans can vote on whether each claim is true or fictional, as well as change their answer as often as they like. The results will be shared at the end of the episode with different conclusions for both the ET and PT airings. The app will be available to viewers just before the six-part series premieres on Oct. 5. Airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. after that, participants using the app will also get access to bonus videos showing how the pair covered up their lies. Take a first look at the iPad app below. Email:; Twitter:@TheRealJethro RELATED: Steven Spielberg's 'Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero': Constructing One World Trade Center (Exclusive Video) Kat Von D Accuses TLC of Compromising the Honesty of 'LA Ink' More Discovery Channel coverage on THR Discovery Channel Discovery Communications Fall TV Preview

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Election now within the 2011 Golden Joystick Honours!

The GamesMaster Golden Joystick Honours would be the world's longest established videogame gongs.Now within their 29th year, the GJs celebrate the year's finest computer and videogames, as chosen for by individuals like you.Actual people.Individuals who aren't area of the videogames industry.Unless of course you're really part of the videogames industry. Well, you are able to still election...What we should mean would be that the those who win derive from a public election instead of some type of sterile industry standard...Look, just election now okay? Even when you simply benefit from the periodic faff about with Cut The Rope in your apple iphone.Election for that event's key award, The Best Game Of The Season, here.(LA Noire for all of us. It's problematic, yeah, but it is among the couple of games out there that's trying to behave new).Election for that 'One To Watch' game here.(We went for Uncharted 3).Aaaaand take a look in the video below for inspiration...