Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TV movies coming their comeback bid

Q'orianka Kilcher and Charlie Rowe star in Syfy's approaching original movie "Neverland," inspired by Peter Pan. The preview screener for "Downton Abbey" arrives shortly, and from the critical perspective, the follow-as much as PBS' Emmy-winning miniseries can't arrive a minute too early.Simply because despite a current small-revival in longform projects -- with an alphabet soup of cable venues not regularly connected together, including TNT, Syfy, A&E, MTV, USA and CMT -- there's been one rather disheartening common thread.Where's it written, exactly, these movies and miniseries should be so consistently lousy?However uncharitable that sounds, watching numerous these productions (and that is employment requirement, not really a recommendation) reflects a "comeback" in volume only. The majority of the movies not just possess a decidedly dated feel but have been removed of flavor -- otherwise outright lobotomized -- for simple consumption.The normally reliable "Hallmark Hall of Fame" -Body of TV's most storied franchises despite an uneven history recently -- just inaugurated its new ABC deal and among its worst efforts in memory, the self-aggrandizing, shateringly sappy "Mitch Albom's Possess a Little Belief."For individuals seeking signs and symptoms of a greater energy, "Faith's" mediocre rankings a minimum of say something moderately reassuring concerning the card-purchasing audience.Of course, individuals who've continued to be active in TV movies throughout its recession -- shops such as the Hallmark Funnel and Lifetime -- rarely challenge their audiences, content revisit an equation intended to be as snuggly like a winter blanket.When it comes to quality, it has been left to Cinemax -- that has the posh of smartly offering a number of high-profile game titles for optimum publicity and honours impact, not rankings -- and PBS' "Masterpiece" to vie for attention, using the pubcaster's classy British dramas getting been especially strong the final couple of seasons.On one side, strictly from the humanitarian/employment perspective, it's tempting not to look a present equine within the mouth. In the end, there is understandable lamentation in lots of quarters -- including that one -- about jobs lost because the made-for-TV movie business evaporated from 200 to 250 game titles annually throughout old three-network "Sunday evening movie" days to possibly several dozen. It's nice to determine stars, authors and deck hands working, even when it's on schlock.Nonetheless, it's tough to know why refreshing a genre connected using the eighties and 1990's means searching so retro. And when it comes to bringing in more youthful audiences -- a higher hurdle even under ideal conditions -- trotting out a parade of these stale concepts will probably be a self-fulfilling prediction. About all that's missing in the current wave is really a trashy update featuring infamous TV-movie fave Amy Fisher, the main one-time "New York Lolita" who -- now a cougar-ant 37 -- lately took part in a high profile boxing match and may most likely make use of the money.Indeed, beyond this month's mind-numbing onslaught of Christmas-designed movies (included in this Syfy's "Snowmageddon," in regards to a killer snow globe), the marquee game titles are retreads, aping items that came large rankings around the major systems age range ago. Good examples are the Albom pic (think "Tuesdays With Morrie") to some&E's Stephen King miniseries "Bag of Bones" and Syfy's Peter Pan-inspired "Neverland," RHI Entertainment's latest bastardization of the beloved classic.On the other hand, individuals productions underscore how significantly the telefilm landscape has moved. Even though the audiences they deliver will certainly be puny in comparison towards the mass benefit of Robert Halmi Sr.'s fantasy epics and King adaptations within their broadcasting heyday, the amounts needs to be adequate judged by their new cable homes' lower standards to enable them to declare victory.The producers who've made it within this sphere certainly deserve some sympathy, and whatever their ambitions, they are ultimately only just like exactly what the systems -- apparently content to rehash the not-so-traditional days -- are prepared to buy.You will find methods to help limited production dollars go farther, in the crapshoot of permitting stars to dabble in passion projects to movies that be used as backdoor aircraft pilots.In either case, when the TV movie's return will add up to greater than a expensive within the pan, this really is virtually no time to party like it's 1995. And talking about parties, a raucous party found in another movie involves mind -- only within this situation, let us not perform the time warp again. Contact John Lowry at

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO: Ann Coulter Frequently Bleeped On Morning Joe

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter gave the Morning Joe censor button a good work out Tuesday when she frequently known as Sen. John McCain a "douche bag."Coulter, a Mitt Romney supporter, began speaking about consistency in politics when seem was stop for many seconds. The audio cut out and in three occasions for any total of 13 seconds. Ann Coulter: Princess Diana was an "anorexic, bulimic" narcissistWhen she ended together with her spiel, Coulter recognized something had happened and requested the panel, "What did I only say? Oh, 'douche bag.'""Just blur everything out," host Joe Scarborough stated."OK, well, they were given the overall drift of this,Inch Coulter stated.Discover the shocking truth: Captured these were slow in striking the button on Morning Joe, and MSNBC ended up suspending Mark Halperin for calling Leader Obama "a d---" on live TV.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe Manganiello: True Blood Season 5 Will Have A Lot Of Hot Werewolf Chicks

First Published: November 18, 2011 4:01 PM EST Credit: WireImage LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Caption Joe Manganiello arrives at Spike TVs Scream Awards 2011 at Universal Studios Backlot, Hollywood, on October 15, 2011If Season 4 of HBOs True Blood was the season of the witch, it sounds like the next installment of the vampire-led drama will be all about the werewolves. Theyre casting a lot of new werewolves, a lot of hot werewolf chicks, Joe Manganiello, who plays fan favorite Alcide on the HBO series, told Access Hollywood Correspondent Tim Vincent on Thursday night at the GQ 2011 Men of the Year party in Los Angeles. Joes character, Alcide, helped end the reign and life of packmaster Marcus in Season 4 and actress Dale Dickey recently joined the cast as Marcus presumably grieving mom. And judging by Joes comments to Access, theres trouble on the way for Alcide. Weve got Dale Dickey, whos joined the cast from Winters Bone, who is awesome, Joe raved. I cant wait to work with her and I think theres gonna be some werewolves who are gonna give Alcide some trouble this season, as well. Im anxious to see who theyll cast. If Joe drops further hints on red carpets as the cast prepares to head back to work on Season 5 of True Blood, fans may want to take note. I know everything thats going to happen in Season 5, but I cant talk about it until probably this time next year, he added. True Blood Season 5 is slated to return to HBO in summer 2012. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dodgers Sue Fox Sports, Which Responds That It's Going To Request Court To Dismiss Team From Personal personal bankruptcy

The La Dodgerssued FoxSports on Wednesday, accusing what is the news Corp-possessed network of attempting to”interfere while using obtain the Dodgers in addition to their assets in personal personal bankruptcy.” The Dodgers’ goal is always to sell they which is valuable TV rights through separate court-approved auctions to improve returns. In the significantly phrased court response filed Wednesday nightFox mentioned it could request the Dodgers be overlooked from personal personal bankruptcy, in line with the LA Occasions.Fox condemned Major league baseball as “Prime Ticket’s former ally” and asserted really the only reason Frank McCourt desires to auction they’s TV rights now's to put “value rightfully possessed by Prime Ticket,within the own pocket” — mentioning to Fox Sports’ package of programming. The Dodgers’ suit was filed in U.S. Personal personal bankruptcy Court in Delaware, whereFox already features a suit pending in the team for alleged breach of contract inside the ongoing squabble over TV rights. Responding for the latest development, the Dodgers referred to as Fox “obviously desperate” to prevent a putting in a bid which will reveal the “enormous value” of people rights and “lead with a record-smashing purchase cost for your team and benefit not just the Dodgers but all baseball.” The identical court is controlling the recommended obtain they, nevertheless the purchase agreement showed up at on friday between Dodgers ownerFrank McCourtandMajor League Baseballhas not been filed.To be able to get McCourt the finest purchase cost, the Dodgers have asked for legal court for permission to locate separate bids for your TV rights. The Dodgers’ current TV contract forbids they from settling with anybody but Fox Sports Internet Westthrough November 30, 2012 — a provision they has asked for legal court to declare unenforceable under personal personal bankruptcy laws and regulations and rules. The Dodgers suit also seeks damages from Fox Sports due to its alleged breach in the automatic stay that shields companies in personal personal bankruptcy utilizing their creditors.Fox responded earlier Wednesday for the team’s suit in the statement explaining it”the latest chapter in our owner’s ongoing intend to prevent adoring his contractual obligations.” Inside the team’s filing the Dodgers asked for U.S. Personal personal bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross to shut Fox from taking any act that otherwise intervenes with any property rights in the LAD estate, including existing and future media rights responding with a letter Fox Sports shipped for an investment bank handling the Dodgers purchase demanding it”cease and desist” from proclaiming it could solicit bids for your team’s TV rights regardless of present Fox contract. The Dodgers asserted that theletter comprises a deliberate attempt by Fox to hinder ale LAD which is experts, including Blackstone Advisory, to promote LADs assets.They and media rights for your 2014 season and beyond are rising available within settlement McCourt showed up at with Major league baseball that the league made the decision to stay neutral inside the fight involving the Dodgers and Fox.The creditors committee has voiced concern that any delay inside the personal personal bankruptcy auctions could jeopardize the acquisition by opening day next season. The dueling law suits further jeopardize that goal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' premieres in L.A.

Rachelle Lefervre, Billy Burke and Rachelle Lefervre reach Monday's premiere of 'Breaking Beginning: Part 1' in downtown La.Summit's Make the most of Friedman with director Bill Condon within the 'Twilight' after party Monday.One of the costly and "Twilight" fan idolatry at Monday's premiere of "Breaking Beginning: Part 1," director Bill Condon moved a massive smile with the evening."That is this kind of relief as it is the first time we've been together before an authentic audience," he mentioned within the afterparty, inside a tent atop the LA Live parking structure. "You won't ever execute a test screening on these, and then we only had one small one with 50 people."Condon sees themselves as fortunate to own had three "Twilight" films to create the fourth, when the romance between Edward and Bella is consummated. "It's one third act to a different in this film," he added.Condon will pay out the next six several days cutting "Part 2," and allowed the scene with 100 vampires of the underworld from the underworld in the area has continued to be with him. "Now I have these eco-friendly screen dreams that you have simply no clue what your location is. It's the most disorienting factor," he revealed.Party's theme was the wedding scene from "Part 1." Summit's Make the most of Friedman, who greenlit "Twilight" right after developing board, recognized that he's interested in that scene. "I have four kids when Bella's father notifies her that he'll always love her, It's my job to cry," he mentioned. Contact Dork McNary at

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cromer joins Raine's 'Tribes'

Cromer The Olivier-nommed "Tribes," which bowed at London's Royal Court, will get a commercial production directed by David Cromer at Off Broadway's Barrow Street TheaterThe Nina Raine-composed comedy, which follows a tough of hearing boy in the hearing family, is scheduled to begin performances in mid-February by getting a dent date searching for March 4.Cromer's latest Gotham outing will be a revival of John Guare's "House of Blue Leaves" on Broadway, starring Edie Falco and Ben Stiller.Tickets for "Tribes" continue purchase 12 ,. 15. Contact Mike Thielman at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

'Green Lantern: The Animated Series'Produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. Executive producers, Sam Register, Bruce Timm; producers, Giancarlo Volpe, Jim Krieg; directors, Sam Liu, Rick Morales; writers, Krieg, Ernie Altbacker; voice director/casting, Lisa Schaffer; editor, Joe Gall; music, Frederik Wiedmann. 60 MIN.Hal Jordan - Josh Keaton Kilowog - Kevin Michael Richardson Razer - Jason Spisak Aya - Grey DeLisleOffering a one-hour tease prior to its weekly return next year, "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" is a beautifully rendered adaptation of the emerald superhero, representing Warner Bros. Animation's first computer-animated foray under creative guru Bruce Timm. Cartoon Network already has a strong hold on boys with "The Clone Wars," and this operatic space saga -- which will be part of a major DC Comics push -- ought to further cement the relationship. Frankly, if the movie featuring the ring-bearing character had been this satisfying, they'd already be working on a sequel. Of course, there's a reason it wasn't. Green Lantern offers a huge canvas, the chance to create a "Star Trek"-style space adventure spanning the cosmos, with a hero who is part of an intergalactic space force. But wisecracking aliens and references to the "Green Lantern of Sector 2814" don't always translate quite so neatly from four-panel page to live-action. Animation solves that problem, and Warner Bros. has gone full bore into the CGI dimension with a bold, sleek design that more than anything resembles "The Incredibles." Throw in Frederik Wiedmann's rousing score, and it makes for a near-cinematic experience. The plot -- pretty adult in theme and execution -- sets up a sweeping struggle, as villains using red power rings ambush and kill Green Lanterns in a faraway sector. Word of the attacks prompts a rogue rescue mission by Earth's headstrong representative (voiced by Josh Keaton) and an ill-tempered pig-like creature, Kilowog (Kevin Michael Richardson). A major battle ensues, with the fate of an entire world at stake. Moreover, the finish sets up a continuing red-green war, which is why it's just as well the show won't return until after Christmas. When Warner Bros. greenlit the animated Cartoon Network series, the studio doubtless hoped it would synergistically keep the light flickering between tentpole blockbusters, but the creative disparity separating this show from the Ryan Reynolds movie only illuminates why animation is often so much better at bringing superheroes to life. The dialogue here, for example, is crisp and sparse, the better to emphasize action over exposition. As it stands, the result should leave WB Animation's film brethren feeling green, all right -- with envy.With: Kurtwood Smith. Contact Brian Lowry at

Monday, November 7, 2011

'Damages' Enlists Jesse McTeer (Exclusive)

Slaven Vlasic/Getty ImagesJanet McTeer Damages' Patty Hewes has another rival. In to the Storm Emmy nominee Jesse McTeer continues to be cast like a regular around the fifth and final season of Damages, The Hollywood Reporter has learned solely. McTeer will have Kate Franklin, an old friend of Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) who aims to defend myself against her old boss by employed by rival Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). McTeer may be the latest addition towards the final season from the DirecTV drama. Spartacus' John Hannah continues to be drawn on to recur and Ryan Phillippe has reserved a season-lengthy arc around the former Forex series. McTeer acquired an Emmy nomination for supporting actress inside a small last year for Cinemax's In to the Storm as well as an Academy Award nom for actress inside a leading role for 2000's Tumbleweeds. She seems in Close's approaching feature Albert Nobbs, due in December. Damages returns because of its final season within the summer time on DirecTV. Email: Twitter: @Snoodit DirecTV Jesse McTeer Damages

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ryan Seacrest to produce His First Feature Film

Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest must hate sleep. As if like a TV producer, a hidden host, together with a tv personality isn't enough, Seacrest has made a decision to produce his first film, in line with the Hollywood Reporter. The untitled romantic comedy will probably be co-produced by Reese Witherspoon and put together by Grey's Anatomy author Krista Vernoff.VIDEO: Watch the initial The The American Idol Show Show Season 11 promoThe news follows the August announcement that Seacrest and Harvey Weinstein are coming up with a TV adaptation in the Nanny Journals at ABC. The completely new projects join the 36-years of age Seacrest's regular duties as host and controlling editor of E! News. More youthful crowd produces Maintaining while using Kardashians which is spin-offs for E!, hosts their very own daily radio show, and, clearly, has situated The The American Idol Show Show since 2002.We hear he's concentrating on Middle East peace, respite from cancer as well as the apple apple iphone 5.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

True Blood Scoop: Lucy Griffiths Joins Cast As Eric's "Sister"

Lucy Griffiths Lucy Griffiths is joining the cast of True Blood as a series regular in Season 5, has confirmed. Griffiths will play Nora, another vampire sired by Godric, making her the vampire sister of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Nora is described as intelligent and intimidating, along with being a good liar, which serves her well as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. Though she loves Eric deeply, she's dedicated her life to a higher purpose. Get more scoop on True Blood in our weekly spoiler column Mega Buzz The 25-year-old British actress is best known for her role in BBC's Robin Hood. Additionally, Griffiths was the star of The CW's zombie pilot Awakening, which failed to get picked up. True Blood is slated to return with Season 5 next year.

MTV Systems Professional Describes How MovieTracker Quantifies Social Buzz Around Films (Q&A)

Time Warner on Wednesday reported enhanced third-quarter financials since it's film unitposted an archive modified operating profit within the latest period because it achieved positive results in the final installment from the Harry Potter franchise. Time Warner on Wednesday reported enhanced third-quarter financials since it's film unit a lot more than bending its main point here hitting an every three months record thanks simply towards the final installment from the Harry Potter series. On the business call, management stated that 2011 is a record year for TW's Warner Bros. studio when it comes to the conclusion and talked about how recent Netflix and Hulu deals will raise the financial performance from the CW network. The entertainment conglomerate, brought by Boss Shaun Bewkes, published an every three months profit of $822 million, up 58 percent in the $520 million recorded around-ago period. The most recent figure handily beat Wall Street anticipation. Revenue rose 11 percent to $7.1 billion, marking the organization's greatest rate of growth because the third quarter of 2007. TW elevated its full-year guidance for modified earnings per share from "a minimum of low double digit" growth to some forecast of development in our prime teens. "Our results demonstrate the prosperity of Time Warner's concentrate on trading in great content that audiences love and leading the evolution of methods it's shipped," stated Bewkes. "Warner Bros. were built with a record-setting quarter, brought by Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which made $1.3 billion in the box office globally, ranking because the third-greatest grossing film ever and capping an unparalleled franchise run." Younger crowd famous Warner Bros. for "a good beginning within the new TV season" with coming back series, like the Large Bang Theory and 2 . 5 Males, and new shows, including 2 Broke Women, Suburgatory and Person of great interest. Film unit revenue at TW rose 19 percent to $3.3 billion and modified operating earnings rose 153 percent to $528 million, an every three months record, because the final Harry Potter film, Contagion and Horrible Bosses and greater TV costs in the off-network accessibility to Large Bang Theory a lot more than offset less strong home theatre results. Bewkes famous the studio's "fantastic performance" and stated the Potter franchise could keep going following a final film's DVD release with your offers like a behind-the-moments tour set to produce working in london in 2012. Advance sales just began and blew away the organization's anticipation, he stated. Management predicted a powerful 4th quarter for that film unit by using sequels to A Virtual Detective and Happy Ft. TV systems unit revenue rose 7 percent to $3.2 billion on ongoing affiliate fee gains and 9 % advertising growth. But modified operating profit rejected 4 % because of greater expenses, including for marketing and programming. Bewkes stated his team was "happy with the first success from the Large Bang Theory on The best spinner's, illustrating how our content can make value across the organization." CFO John Martin stated that presuming there won't be any National basketball association games in the present quarter, TW's TV systems unit might find no material financial impact despite lower ad revenue. Younger crowd stated that scatter ad prices is presently up slightly from scatter around-ago period. The organization's Wednesday earnings business call with experts also featured discussion recent digital distribution deals from the CW, which TW co-is the owner of with CBS Corp., with Netflix and Hulu. Bewkes stated that TW's stake within the CW was already lucrative, because it possesses a valuable platform to produce new series, however the new deals will "substantially improve" the network's financials. Martin stated they're worth 100s of huge amount of money in revenue for that Warner Bros. TV arm, using the 4th quarter prone to visit a recognition of a bit more than $100 million in revenue contributing to half that estimate profit. Bewkes stated the deals are in line with TW's view that there's room for Netflix yet others to obtain older and serialized shows when needed online. Younger crowd stressed the deals add money towards the TV eco-system, simply because they help better monetize content. Martin confirmed around the call that TW is evaluating its NY property opportunities, but didn't give a timeline when ever a choice around the future utilisation of the Time Warner Center along with other company office structures could come. Younger crowd stated the conglomerate is searching for methods to cut corporate costs after pension along with other previous changes have produced savings within the 100s huge amount of money range. Talking about digital film strategic business plans, Bewkes stated TW's Flixster service will prove to add additional features soon, like a complimentary movie offer when individuals subscribe to a brand new take into account digital locker UltraViolet and a chance to convert Dvd disks that individuals own into digital copies. Email: Twitter: @georgszalai Related Subjects Time Warner Shaun Bewkes Earnings