Friday, June 24, 2011

Silent Flames Trailer

Silent Flames Trailer [2]
TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE A VOICE ACTOR: I'll have the video with
lines up as soon as possible. Please audition, I really need voices!
So yeah, I haven't forgotten about Silent Flames, school was just
eating me alive for awhile. Now that I'm out though I will hopefully
have more time to animate. Basically this is a new trailer for it
that I made in a few days. Uhhh... I dunno what else to say. If I
think of anything I'll add it here later. But for now, enjoy! Song:
Welcome Artist: Asking Alexandria AKA the best band of all time. Just
sayin. EDIT: Wtf? Why the hell is 'washington' one of the suggested
tags? XD And virginia? Oh youtube, how you confuse me. From:
Icestorm456 [3] Views:
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01:12 More in
Film  Animation [4]


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