Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Coens Want Justin Timberlake

For Inside Llewyn DavisWhile Justin Timberlake remains getting steady acting use years, his career really needed off due to his recognized performance inside the Social Media. The Coen brothers and sisters think he's appropriate for his or her next project, as well as the writing/pointing/creating duo have offered him one of the lead roles in Inside Llewyn Davis.Occur the developing folk music scene of sixties Greenwich Village in NY, the film follows the struggles in the title character (Oscar Isaac), a gifted music artist who inspires others yet can't seem to create enough playing gigs.Among people he mentors is fellow tunesmith Jim (Timberlake, if he accepts the role), who's searching for their very own voice. He's married to Jean (Carey Mulligan, who's already aboard).Isaac's character is loosely based on Dork Van Ronk, a singer/songwriter who hung using the type of Bob Dylan.This might be a another large boost to Timberlake's acting career, however he'll have decide whether they can handle the musical element of it... What's that? He's commonly known as that? Oh, yeah... Not to mention.Fran and Ethan Coen want to acquire filming early next season in NY. Timberlake, meanwhile, will next be viewed in Andrew Niccol's With Time, that's out here on Tuesday November 1.

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