Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO: Ann Coulter Frequently Bleeped On Morning Joe

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter gave the Morning Joe censor button a good work out Tuesday when she frequently known as Sen. John McCain a "douche bag."Coulter, a Mitt Romney supporter, began speaking about consistency in politics when seem was stop for many seconds. The audio cut out and in three occasions for any total of 13 seconds. Ann Coulter: Princess Diana was an "anorexic, bulimic" narcissistWhen she ended together with her spiel, Coulter recognized something had happened and requested the panel, "What did I only say? Oh, 'douche bag.'""Just blur everything out," host Joe Scarborough stated."OK, well, they were given the overall drift of this,Inch Coulter stated.Discover the shocking truth: Captured these were slow in striking the button on Morning Joe, and MSNBC ended up suspending Mark Halperin for calling Leader Obama "a d---" on live TV.

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