Friday, September 23, 2011

Variance nabs 'Elevate' rights

Variance Films has acquired U.S. theatrical rights for the basketball documentary "Elevate" and contains set a dent or dimple for March. 21 in NY.Directed by Anne Buford, the film follows four teens from Senegal striving to locate yourself with careers inside the Basketball.Difference introduced the sale Friday. It'll open "Elevate" in La, Dallas and San Antonio on November. 4 too as with Chicago, Houston, Washington Electricity and Oklahoma City on November. 11."Elveate," shot over four years, documents the down sides some Senegalese selected from by Seed items (Sports for Education and Economic Increase in Senegal) when controling American culture, learning British and modifying to aggressive American-style basketball. Pic was produced by Buford, Chiemi Karasawa, Mark Becker, and Victoria Yoffie. Contact Dork McNary at

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