Friday, July 1, 2011

How to practise violin efficiently?

I am 13 now, and i have been playing violin since i was about 8. Now
I'm doing Grade 8 and i'm just wondering how to practise efficiently.
I tend to learn songs quickly and then I get bored and wait for months
for an exam/competition even though my pitch is far from perfect. I
just don't like learning things quickly and then i become stale and

For grade 8, my teacher recommends we practise two hours each day, but
i can only manage no more than one hour. Now, I'm in Year 8 at school
and I'm already getting alot of homework, so I don't know how to fit
in everything.

I am extremely 'lazy' to practise violin when i come home from school
and i used to practise for a bit in the morning but then i got too
tired and it doesn't really help much. Does anyone have any ideas of
how i can practise efficiently, not get bored etc? I play alot of
songs and scales at the moment and I even seem bored looking at them.
And, yes, I still want to play violin I love it but I'm not a fan of
practising. I play in two bands at school and I also play viola. No
silly answers and please don't say you should quiet cos i dont want
to. Thanks

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